LYNX has a wide range of clients in Iran along with a broad outlook of Iran economy and market. A branch of LYNX in Iran with technical department of analyzing market and economy has provided a fertilized land to plant any prosperous business in field. Due to the economy complication and politics conflicts, Iran is still a developing country whereas the big consuming population with lack of industry and technical people demand smart investors to generate their business in this region. Despite of traditional market, unstable economy and weird regulations might scare and hinder businessmen to enter into the market, LYNX lighten up the dark side to merchants and solves the puzzles by proofs and evidences reaches to.

  • Export:

LYNX sources quality products and reputable suppliers for the unique items clients may look for in Iran. Whole the process of export is supervised by LYNX and there are no excuses for the restrictions and irregularity of export regulations in Iran!

Main articles exported from Iran to other countries are categorized as follow:

Raw materials of petrochemical, oil by-products, stone clod, mineral substances such as iron oxide, aluminum, etc.

Foodstuff such as pistachio, date, fruits (especially pomegranate), extracts, dairy products, Halal foods, etc.

Industrial products such as boilers, fittings, metal coil and sheets, etc.


  • Project:

As a developing country, Iran demands foreign investment in running the projects of infrastructure and manufactures. LYNX invites all the great companies in worldwide to the feast of running projects of any scale by providing basic data in each field and encourages investors for joint stock in industrial zones.


  • Association:

Granting affiliate for the branded companies to Iran is a wise consideration to develop their market in a populated consuming country with lack of agents of brands. Many companies in Iran are seeking for obtaining exclusive right of distribution in Iran for the famous brands around the world as they believe that counterfeit items has exhausted consumers who are yearning for quality and fame. Iran is now in process to be sheltered by WTO membership and flood of branded suppliers are seeking for agents in Iran to feed the thirsty market. LYNX bonds brand suppliers to authoritative companies in Iran.


  • Marketing and investment
  • Making contracts of association and cooperation
  • Customs clearance and import
  • Processing financial and banking issues
  • Exporting raw materials, mineral and industrial items, etc.