Based in Guangzhou-China and holding office in Tehran-Iran, LYNX is a client sponsor enterprise and venturing firm.

We provide our clients with expertise and exposure needed to locate, incubate and invest in production on basis of technologies and ventures in Iran.

Our Investment forum represents an exclusive network of opportunities, providing access to fertile market and privileges facilitate innovation and production for nurturing early-stage projects into growth.

LYNX was established in collaboration with industry participants and with the mission to nurture innovation for our corporate sponsors, while serving our member investors with an easy method to locate private sector investment and syndication opportunities.

LYNX constantly receives new partnership and investment opportunities from individual entrepreneurs, government agencies and associations. We regularly review and present members with opportunities that we believe merit special attention. We look for innovative technologies, business ideas and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, passion and commitment to build successful companies. The selected opportunities are matched and presented to our sponsors and investors in accordance with their guidelines and criteria.

Member investors will have the opportunity to review investment projects and are invited to attend all meetings that LYNX holds to discuss individual opportunities.

LYNX is open to and welcomes new members who share our vision. We invite corporate and individual investors who seek markets beyond the borders to join us in building entrepreneur companies and reaping the rewards of doing so.

Please fill the following form, and let us learn more about your company for assessing feasibility to open a way for establishing fruitful business in offshore boundaries.