Investment on Solar PV power project in Iran

Iran is planning to spend $60 million on solar PV power projects this year, according to recent reports.

That represents a pretty significant uptick in the country’s investment into solar energy — up from “just” $12 million last year.

The focus is reported to be on rural areas that are otherwise completely dependent on diesel-powered generators — a good strategy, remote rural areas are certainly one place where solar PV really shines (no pun intended).

According to one of the senior officials at Iran’s Energy Ministry, the country recently passed a number of new laws intended to encourage and support domestic and foreign investment into renewable energy projects there. Notably, one of these is a feed-in tariff that just launched at the beginning of 2014 — which will be financed via surcharges on electricity bills.

The Iranian government has also apparently been installing large numbers of solar panels on rooftops around the country — everywhere from mosques, to schools, to government buildings — at over a 1,000 new locations.

This report follows on the country’s previous announcement of its plan to install over 5 GW of new renewable energy capacity by the year 2018. Spread out amongst solar PV and wind energy the new capacity would represent a significant increase in the country’s total renewable energy capacity.

While a large portion of the new capacity will surely be via wind energy, 500 MW of it will be via solar energy, as that portion of funding has been set aside for solar already.

Some facts about Iran geographical location, demands and plans:

  • Iran electricity consumption is the highest in the world with average of triple in comparison to the other countries
  • Government of Iran guarantees to purchase the output electricity from PV renewable energy suppliers for 20 years
  • Iran has 300 sunny days in year
  • Iran has only succeeded to produce 16MW electricity in a year by solar power which is far behind the targets
  • Solar Radiant Energy in Iran is averagely 4.5KWh/M2 which is 1KWh higher than international standard
  • Iran is considered as a desert climate country with shortage of fresh sweet water which is in high demand of farms of solar energy panels for desalination by solar humidification–dehumidification method (HDH)
  • Advantage of Iran climate against Arabic countries for investing on solar panels is less temperature and less humidity which damage panels gradually
  • Recent agreement between governments of Iran and China grants very low interest finances for Chinese investors who launch projects in Iran

The proof to above statement is the competition of European countries for accessing to geographical advantage of Iran for harvesting electricity from solar energy as reported in following links:

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