Advantages of Investment on Housing Bearing in Iran

Recently due to the current political decisions in China and economical rehabilitation in Iran, several advantages for investing in field of housing bearing in Iran can be mentioned:

  • Very recent policies of Iran are strict for importing finished products to Iran by increasing import tax and duties.
  • In parallel to the above point, government is supporting domestic production.
  • Government is open and welcomes foreign investment and grants concessions such as tax holiday, cheap and long-term payback land and subsidies.
  • There is no manufacturer of housing bearing in Iran and neighborhood countries since China conquered Iran market with cheap prices through the last years.
  • Preferential Trade Agreement between Iran and neighborhood countries, facilitating and cost-cutting export of domestic articles to neighbor countries
  • Core expenses in Iran are much cheaper than normal range in the world such as labor wage, energy, raw material and transportation.
  • Tax exemption and deduction in some regions or for some industries or against employing special staff, and Tax holiday for new-born enterprises
  • LYNX has connections in government to receive privileges for establishment of factory.
  • LYNX has a long experience in bearing market and trustful channels for sales which guarantees market for products.

In collaboration with responsible organizations and governmental bureaus, LYNX will provide all necessary information for investor and financial know-hows. Supported by knowledgeable advisers, constructing factory and production line comes to act and through the experienced distributors assigned by us, sales will take place.

For taking part in this opportunity which will be offered to only one qualified manufacturer, please apply for evaluation by clicking here.