LYNX Mission


LYNX Commercial Co. is the leading business consulting company based in China with about a decade of experience to provide clients with technical business solutions in main markets of the world.
Knowledge and tools of modern business has equipped LYNX to engage in various fields of business and the details of which a construction of business is made.
Sourcing quality articles and reputable suppliers, observing production process and quality control plus financial solutions and logistics are defined in broad range of services LYNX can cover.
In global view, LYNX searches for branded companies to expand their market by granting affiliate to the righteous candidates of same field in other countries.
For accomplishing this mission, LYNX targeted credible partners in few countries with key compatibility to meet client’s demand who seek middle-range market and business expansion round the world by investment, marketing, sourcing or establishment of expertise
Now LYNX has his own or partners’ offices in countries with an array of knowledge, responsibilities and capabilities in accordance with the country’s characteristics.

LYNX will pace along with merchants through the way to the prosperous summit of success.