A part of inspection is evaluating supplier, whether the facilities they claim to have or the credibility. To start a transaction with a supplier, it is important to rest assured of the qualifications of the other party. If there is a matter of OEM production, manufacturer must prove that they have adequate tools and knowledge to involve the item. And in case there is a significant amount of money being transferred to supplier, it is not only important to have a firm contract, but also the credit and value of supplier to cover the contract and compensation in case is substantial.

Quality control:

During and after production, monitoring and comparing the ordered article with the demanded specification client anticipates is observed by LYNX to minimize the risk of incompatibility and further dispute. Random picking is the chosen method for after-production inspecting and quality is under supervision during the production process.

LYNX does not interfere with client’s opinion, hence a very tight coordination is considered to be applied for confirming the specification of manufactured article in conformity with defined characteristics.