Of the best services LYNX provides for the clients is searching for credible and professional suppliers especially those who are hidden from the global views and have outstanding advantages by capability and price. As for the internet and facilities which has simplified links to the outer market, most suppliers can reach customers easily and there would be no advantage of price or other aspects of competition. However, thanks to the local staff hired by LYNX, now merchants can reach to the very remote manufacturers of local kind who have no access to global business but are quite capable instead. Needless to mention the advantage of these solitary suppliers…



Besides, OEM and ODM products can be found in the shortest of time and lowest of cost at most demanded quality. We believe that not all the clients need highest quality which definitely successes the high expenses, but they might be in demand of most appropriate quality in parallel with fair price for their assigned market.


Whether OEM or ODM, sampling will be the best proof to both parties to confirm the quality, size, shape and other important aspects. LYNX believes that constantly checking with actuality removes all hesitations and omits extra unexpected expenses.